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Kate Dwyer Vessels

kevin mason shot.jpg

These unique vessels are made of silk, cotton, thread and glue. Their only function is aesthetic.  Sizes, prices and availability by request.

Big Blue 3.jpg

Big Blue

Blue Kimono

Hawaiian Shirt #1

Hawaiian Shirt #3

Karen's Kimono #1

me w big spring_edited.jpg

Large Spring Bowl

Large Spring Bowl

Fall Colors

Green Trio

Mixed Kimonos

Karen's Kimono #2

Dark Kimonos

Red Kimono

Karen's Kimono #3

Purple Greens

Spring Green 1.jpg

Spring Greens

Black & White #1

Black & White #2

Blue Ease

Fall Cacoon

Moody Blues


In Port Townsend, WA
Studio Visits
by Appointment

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